After some fieldwork, he agreed on what we would like to have in our high-school:

  • Thematic decoration made by the students
  • Cushions to sit down instead of chairs
  • Drinking fountains and sofas in the hall
  • Swings in the playground
  • Sport competitions on Saturday
  • Glass doors for the classrooms
  • Swimming pool
  • Tablets for everyone
  • Open bathrooms on building II
  • More lessons in the lab
  • Two breaks per day




Hello! This is our proyect.

We will do two parts

First part:                                                                          

– We explain what is wrong currenty in our high school

And second part:                                                              

Our suggestions

It is divided into four sections

  • Sports and competitions
  • Arts and culture
  • IT and security
  • Architecture


How we did it?

  • We did a brainstorming
  • We went to all the classes and the playground.
  • We took notes of all the ideas
  • We took photos of everything


Why is this important?

  • It is important because the headmaster has to take into account the opinion of students.



By Paula.